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Sell My House Fast for Cash in Texas Reviews

Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your Dallas TX house to a direct cash buyer like Sell My House Fast for Cash in Texas may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

Want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with Sell My House Fast for Cash in Texas has been like for you.

Frank Benson

“I just felt really comfortable with them…I didn’t have to do anything”

I had some rental property that I thought I’d be able to make some cash off of… it became a big headache for me…it was costing me a lot more time and money than I was willing to put into it…they [David & Valerie] made the process so easy, I just really felt comfortable with them…I didn’t have to do anything!

- Frank Benson
Troy Mander

“The realtors I spoke with said ‘I can’t even sell this’…”

When my aunt first passed away, and I found out I’d be inheriting her home I actually thought this would get me out of the financial crisis that I’m in… Unfortunately, the home was more of a liability than an asset…The realtors I spoke with said ‘I can’t even sell this…I ended up finding David and Valerie, and I’m so thankful I found these two!… I wasn’t sleeping, I was in dire straights…and they were able to get the house sold at a surprisingly fair amount of money!

- Troy Mander
Sarah Johnson

“I needed to sell my house, but I was overwhelmed by the whole process…”

I skipped the whole hassle…David and Valerie just streamlined the whole process for me, and made it so easy. They made it possible for me to start living my dream of traveling the country in an RV!

- Sarah Johnson
Justin Ruthe

“I was able to catch up with everything…”

I was able to catch up with everything… and get my my life and my health back on track. I think a lot of the health issues were just stress – you know how much stress money can cause you.

- Justin Ruthe
Mike Hildreth

Selling our house was unbelievably easy with Sell My House Fast for Cash in Texas! No closing fees, no need to prep our home for showings, no agent fees, quick closure, and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Let them handle all the hassle and worry of selling your house!

- Mike Hildreth
Bill Schulz

I recently inherited a property and it was a mess. The whole house needed to be redone. When I called Sell My House Fast For Cash in Texas I quickly received an all CA$H offer to purchase the property. I was so relieved that I wouldn’t need to make any repairs to that piece of junk!

- Bill Schulz
Melody Bolton

David was extremely helpful. We’ve lived in the house for over 30 years, and he explained everything clearly and had a lot of knowledge. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking to sell property.

- Melody Bolton
Dan Seaver

We had to sell our house ASAP. I contacted David, and he met us the next day. After a brief tour of the house, he made us a fantastic offer right away! Knowing we needed a fast sale, he wrapped everything up for us in just a week. Thanks!

- Dan Seaver
Shawn Baldwin

Quality reliable people to do business with. Call them to sell your house FAST!

- Shawn Baldwin
 Robert Morrill

Sell My House Fast For Cash Texas did an amazing job. I needed to sell my house quickly for cash. I found them online and they came to my house the next day. The process was fast and easy. We decided on a price that I felt was a win-win for both parties. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to sell their house fast.

- Robert Morrill